TGIF! But How To Still Be Productive

TGIF! But How To Still Be Productive


Friday is one of my favorite days. There’s always a magical feeling in the air on Friday no matter where you work, and everyone seems a little happier. Personally, I love knowing I rocked another week and after one more day of work, I get to sleep in past 6 am. But there’s one major problem with Fridays… productivity drops dramatically for teachers and students.

I’ll admit, I am the queen of feeling the Fridays and feeling a little lazy; that doesn’t mean it has to be a wasted day. In fact, making Fridays more productive saves you from having to do work over the weekend and will make your Monday even easier. Here are some of my tips to have a more productive Friday:

1. Get to school a little early. I know Friday is the day you want to get in late, but by getting in early you have time to finish any work for that day you may not feel like doing in the afternoon or you can start planning for Monday so you have less to do over the weekend. Feeling productive from the start also sets a good tone for the rest of the day.

2. Create a checklist on Thursday of what you need to complete on Friday. If you come into work with Friday brain, you might forget what you need to do or be willing to push things to the next week. Make a list of “Friday Must Dos” on Thursday and make yourself complete everything on the list on Friday.

3. Have at least one lesson you are really excited to teach. If your Friday lesson plans are boring and lazy, then you’ll feel the same way. Make Friday a game day or some other fun activity that you are looking forward to teaching. Students will also appreciate having something to look forward as well!

4. Change your mindset about Fridays. While I love celebrating Fridays, it’s not the best way to encourage productivity. Instead of going into school thinking it’s a free day, change your mindset to think of Friday as the most important day to wrap up any lose ends from the week.

5. Schedule a walk or break. Fridays are hard even with a mindset change, so schedule some time for a walk, social media break, or whatever makes you happy. Set a time limit for your break, and then get back to work.

Have a great, productive Friday!