The Busy Teacher At Work Workout Plan

The Busy Teacher At Work Workout Plan


It’s workout Wednesday! But as every teacher knows, it can be extremely difficult to get motivated or find time to go to the gym after a long day of teaching. While I am a strong believer in scheduling your workouts and sticking to them, I also believe that if you can sneak in new ways to add more movement and exercise to your work day then all the better. So for those days that you just can’t get to the gym, here is the newest, coolest workout: The Busy Teacher at Work Workout Plan!

Enjoy! 🙂

Hallway duty step challenge: Got hallway duty? Great! Move around and get those extra steps in. Walk up and down the hallway encouraging students to keep moving. Don’t forget to pump those arms to burn a few extra calories!

Recess play: If you’ve got to be outside at recess with your students then take advantage and get some play in. Bring some comfy shoes for recess and play tag, kickball, or whatever games your students are into!

All class movement minute(s): Here’s a great way to get a few extra minutes of movement in. Have a workout wheel with different exercises (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, marching, stretches) that each class spins. The whole class performs the workout for one minute. Choose to do two or three workouts depending on your class and feel the burn!

Lunch break stair climb: If you schools has stairs use part of your lunch break going up and down them a few times. To add some extra stairs and steps then go out of your to walk the entire school whenever you have the time. Don’t forget to take the stairs two at a time on the way up and work those gluts!

Prep period chair workout: If you are too busy to take a walk on your prep then while you grade do a chair workout. Some of my favorite chair workouts include leg extensions (extend your legs straight out and lower them slowly back down) and double knee lift (keep both knees together and lift up and down slowly). You’ll feel these moves in your legs and abs!


*Got some more fun teacher workouts? Leave a comment and share!


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