Freebie Friday! Stress Management Activity

Freebie Friday! Stress Management Activity

Happy Freebie Friday! Today’s freebie is a great back to school activity for teachers and staff members. In a study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Penn State, it was found that almost half of teachers felt high daily stress,  46% in fact. That’s a lot of stressed out teachers. The study also found that one of the best ways to help teachers combat stress is through stress management programs (science says so too), so today’s freebie is a stress management exercise. If you need help convincing your principal or staff to try out this stress management exercise, I also included a video from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation about the findings of the study.

Remember, starting the year with preventive strategies in place to combat stress can make a huge difference in your school. The goal is to help teachers cope with stress the right way, and recognize what types of stress they have control over. The rippling effects of healthy teachers build better school culture and more effective teachers ready to teach their students, so make teacher health a priority this school year by focusing on the whole teacher.

The activity today is about identifying and classifying your stress to see what strategies may work best. This may take some people longer and should be a private activity if used in staff development (which I highly encourage trying). It’s also an ongoing activity that you should come back to and do again as stressors in your life change. This is just one step in the right direction to managing stress. I will share more stress management activities throughout the year, so check back!

Download: Stress Management Activity



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