Why Teachers Should Travel More

Why Teachers Should Travel More

Yesterday, I spent the day traveling to meet my family for vacation on the beach. This trip is going to be super relaxing, and will be a much needed break from the city. On my flight, I started to think about the other trips I’ve taken, and it made me realize how valuable traveling is for teachers (and really everyone). Why is it so valuable? Well, here are my 3 top reasons why teachers should travel more:

1. Traveling allows you to experience people and places outside of what you already know. Traveling to new places is a learning experience that you should embrace and bring back into your classroom. You can share these experiences and understandings of new places and cultures with your students. Traveling also teaches you understanding of other people and cultures, which helps make you a better teacher.

2. Traveling actually improves your health. Yes, it’s true! Studies show that traveling and taking a vacation will lower your risk for depression, boost happiness, boosts creativity, and relieve stress to name a few benefits. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to travel with these kind of benefits? I don’t know a single teacher (or person) who couldn’t use these benefits. Book your travel for the time of year you need these benefits the most, and get away! You’ll come refreshed and ready to teach.

3. When you travel, you experience new adventures and make new memories. Depending where you choose to go, you may get to try things you never could where you live. You may also get lost, learn how to communicate in new ways if you don’t know the language, or just get caught up in the local sites. These are the memories you don’t forget and can again, bring into your classroom as learning experiences. These new challenges are also good for your mind. When we get caught in our regular habits, it doesn’t challenge your mind at all, but these new experience cause you brain to actually think when you’re in a new place!

But What About the Costs?

Okay, maybe just read these reasons and thought, “That all sounds great, but I can’t afford to travel.” For a good part of my 20s I felt that way too; I told myself I didn’t have the money to travel, which then I didn’t because I wasn’t try to find the money to travel. Now I make sure that I plan trips to travel international at least once a year and smaller domestic trips throughout the year because I make it a priority. I promise you you can find ways to travel if you want to. Look into flight deals, go in the off season, stay at an Air BnB, or just book the trip and put away a little money throughout the school year to pay for it. It’s possible!

Where’s your next trip going to be to? Share in the comment section!


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