Turn Around Your Stress: Appreciate The Small Stuff

Turn Around Your Stress: Appreciate The Small Stuff

Yesterday I was feeling extremely stressed while working remotely in the morning on a family vacation, and I quickly felt all the negativity of my stress taking over my day. I wasn’t happy and no one around me was feeling partially happy with my negative mood. It was so easy to fall into a rabbit hole of negativity, but it wasn’t as easy to get out of it. I had to stop myself and be mindful of my mindset. So I thought, how could I let myself be this stressed when I was working outside by the beach on a beautiful day? I laughed at myself, walked down to the beach and rewired my thinking to appreciate the amazing vacation my mother planned for us. The stress melted away the moment I let my mindset be one of appreciate, not negativity.

While most of us (myself included) aren’t lucky enough to be on the beach most of the time when stress creeps in, we all definitely have the choice to stop and look around us to recognize the good no matter where we are or what the day is. As people we often sweat the small stuff, but then fail to appreciate the small stuff. This unbalance promotes stress and negativity, which wears us down quickly. When we take the time to recognize and appreciate what we have, we feel better and feel a sense of power and joy.

The next time you start to feel stressed, look around you and see what you can appreciate. I recommend finding at least 10 things. It can be your environment, people, things that you like to do, or anything that you are thankful for. Focus on appreciating the small things and say thank you for each individual thing you came up with. This will help you shift your mindset from stressed and negative to thankful and positive. When you return to the thing that originally caused you stress, your positive mindset will help you to look at the thing in a new, positive way that combats your previous negativity. Do this as often as you need, and slowly you will start to rewire yourself to appreciate the small stuff more than you sweat it!


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