How To Plan For Your Year Before School Even Begins

How To Plan For Your Year Before School Even Begins

Teachers have a long list of to dos daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly that most people don’t know about. These are everything from submitting lesson plans to calling parents to entering grades for grade cards. It’s not always easy to keep track of everything when life is busy, but there is a way to get it all done!

First, start planning now. Make a list of the different requirements your school mandates from their teachers. If you are returning to your school, you should have a good idea of what types of requirements are expected of you. If you are new to your school, ask returning teachers about the them and the typical timelines. You can also look at the school calendar for big events like the end of the quarter grade cards, parent-teacher conferences, and any testing the schools mandates.

After you’ve got you’re list then get out your calendar. This can be an online calendar like Google Calendar or a paper planner; it’s whatever works best for you. Put in these expected dates (if it’s a paper planner use pencil unless you already know for sure when the dates are), and then take some time to see what times of the school year are going to be the busiest.

Now that you’ve got an idea of your deadlines and put them in your calendar, start creating due dates for yourself. I like to make my own due dates for these required tasks a few days before they are actually due so I’m not rushed at the last moment. This may be different for some things like grades if they are due weekly. For weekly or daily tasks, I recommend planning a specific day and time to complete the task. This builds a routine, which makes you less likely to forget to do complete these tasks.

Add personal activities to your calendar including trips and hobbies/activities that you enjoy outside of school. Make time for the things you enjoy, and make a conscious effort to include you time on your schedule this year. You need this time to be the best teacher you can be.

Finally, think about any volunteer opportunities or extra-curricular you’d like to take part in this school year. You can easily see when you’re the most busy and when you’ll have free time. If Fall is a busy time for you, then think twice about coaching cross country or volunteering to run a club. It’s important to be aware of the extras that you don’t have time to do and be willing to say “no” to them.

Quick Recap:

  • Make a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to dos for the school year.
  • Mark important deadlines on your calendar now. Do you already know when quarter 1 grades are due? Put them on your calendar and then reflect on what else you have going on around that time. If you don’t know the dates for sure, write them in pencil or make note that they may change.
  • Create your own personal due dates for required tasks, and set days for daily and weekly tasks. You’ll get into a routines for completing these reoccurring tasks, which means you’re less likely to forget them.
  • Plan you time in your schedule. It’s important for your self-care and sanity.
  • Look at your calendar and see where you may have some free time and where you don’t. Plan any volunteering and extra-curriculars around when you do and don’t have time. Be willing to say “no” if you’re busy.

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