Self-Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday evening! Today has been a little crazy, and I got caught up in doing work to prep for work this week (ugh!). I was starting to get really stressed out and overwhelmed by the week before it even started, so I finally stopped myself and realized I needed some Self-Care Sunday to help me get my week started right.

Self-Care Sunday is a great way to combat upcoming stress of the week, and start your week off focused on your well-being. Self-Care Sunday is all about whatever is self-care for you. I love writing, reading, and a hot bath. You may want to watch your favorite Netflix show or grab ice cream with a friend. Do what makes you feel relaxed, happy, and rested.

It can be hard to take the time for yourself on Sunday, but I recommend coming up with at least 2 self-care activities for yourself every Sunday. They can change weekly or stay the same, but make sure you make time for these activities. While taking part in these activities, don’t let work or any other stressors sneak into your mind. Indulge in your self-care fully. It’s all about you for that time.

I believe that starting your week off with self-care is so important mentally and physically. It allows you to decide how you’re going to start your week and take time to prioritize yourself. You’ll feel less stressed, and be ready to take on the week. So go ahead and try it out!


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