What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?

The start of the school year is a great time to think about what’s your why. In the most simple form, your why is why do you teach. Teaching is not a job that you go into for the fame, glory, or money, and it’s definitely not glamorous most days, if any. Understanding your why can be powerful when things aren’t going as planned or you need re-aligned in those tough months.

If you’ve never written your why, take some time to brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to mind when you think of your why and don’t filter yourself. Once you’ve got all your thoughts down, find a way to piece them into a 1-2 sentence why statement. Make sure it aligns to your true reason, and isn’t what you think your why should be. This isn’t for anyone else. but you so be honest!

After you’ve got your why statement, I like to write my why on a sticky note or paper and keep it close by, so when I am forgetting why I do what I do or I’m feeling down about my job I can pull it out. I think of my way almost like a mantra to repeat to myself on good and bad days. Your why is your guiding principal for your teacher self.

As time goes on reflect back on your why statement. If you feel your why statement no longer fits, be willing to revisit it and revise as needed. It’s never stuck in stone, and should change with you as you change as a teacher and person.

So what’s your why?!


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