Routines Aren’t Just For Your Classroom

Routines Aren’t Just For Your Classroom

Routines. Many teachers swear by routines for their students, and I bet you have a good classroom routine you’re working on getting down as school starts. But do you have a good routine for yourself? Do you have a morning routine that gets your day started off right or a self-care routine that you never miss? Routines for students are just as important as routines for yourself.

You may think that routines aren’t for you, but studies show that people who follow some sort of routine have less stress, better sleep, and better overall health. There are lot of articles about the benefits of routines, but incase you don’t believe me here is one from Northwestern Medicine for you to check out. Routines prepare you to be ready for the day and help you stick to healthy habits. Your whole day shouldn’t be a routine, but you should create routines that promote productivity, health, and happiness where they make sense in your life.

Your routines should be focused on the tasks you need to and want to complete for you. I recommend brainstorming what you have to and want to complete each day, and once you have a list of items then begin to think about how to structure your routine.

Here are a few ideas of routines to try out to help you have a healthier, happier day:

  • Create a morning routine. Having a good routine in the morning can make your day so much better. If you aren’t much of a morning person, start your day with something you really enjoy to get you up in going. If you are a morning person, use the time to be productive early in the day. I love starting my mornings with writing and a run before going to work.
  • Create a self-care routine. Whatever feels like self-care for you, make a routine in the morning, afternoon, or evening to fit it in daily. It doesn’t need to be a long list of things, but decide on one or two things that you do for yourself. I love talking a long walk with the dog, or a hot bath to relax in the evening.
  • Create a sleep routine. Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time makes a huge difference in the amount and quality of sleep you get. Try doing this during the week, and I bet eventually you won’t really need an alarm clock! I even wake up a few minutes most days.
  • Create a dinner routine. Making dinner at home is a giant step towards eating healthier. It’s a great way to eat health and have leftovers for work the next day!
  • Create a workout routine. Working out can be easy to forgo if you don’t have a routine you’re use to. Make it part of your morning routine or make it it’s own thing. Whatever works for you!
  • Create a paperwork completion routine at work. Are your lesson plans due the same day every week? Make a routine of working on them Thursday prep or in the morning on Wednesdays. Maybe after school is your time to work on IEPs. Whatever makes sense with your schedule.

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