Teacher Besties, Stay Positive

Teacher Besties, Stay Positive

One thing that every teacher needs is a teacher best friend or teacher bestie at work. This is a person you can have lunch with, bounce ideas off of, and pop into their classroom whenever you’re both free to talk. Your teacher bestie helps you stay sane on those days you feel like you might not make it, and you do the same for them. It’s an extremely important relationship to have, but beware the dark hole of negativity that can appear when two teachers get together on a hard day of school. This negativity does no one any good, and can set a bad tone for the year.

Instead, make a promise to your bestie and yourself to stay positive this school year. Having a friend to share positivity with throughout your school day will keep you from sinking into a dark hole of negativity, and you’ll feel better mentally and physically. Your positivity will make the small things that go wrong seem less cumbersome, and I bet your students will pick up on it and feel more positive too.

Here are some of my favorite ways to for your teacher bestie and you to make sure you have a positive year all year:

Teacher Bestie Positivity Tips

  • Start conversations with asking each other, “What’s the best thing that’s happened today?” This way you start thinking about the positive right away. You’re way less likely to get sucked down the dark hole of negativity this way.
  • Be honest with each other about attitudes. Make a promise to one another to let each other know if the others attitude is turning too negative. It’s okay to complain briefly, and sometimes it’s needed. The problem is when it continues and becomes a habit. Stop negative conversations if they go on for more than a few minutes and find something positive to talk about.
  • Focus on solutions instead of complaining. If one of you is having a difficult time, be solution based. Let the person explain the issue, and work to come up with ideas to help. It’s okay to talk about what is happening, but don’t let it turn into just a complaint.
  • Collaborate if possible. Similar to finding solutions, sometimes one of you might already have the answer or resource. If you teach the same subject or have ideas you can share on classroom management, then help your bestie out! They’ll do the same for you.
  • Don’t just talk about work. Make a point to talk about all the other great things in each other’s lives. It’ll help keep work negativity away, and you’ll become better friends.
  • Find activities to help manage stress. Maybe you spend 5 minutes listening to peaceful music together in the afternoons or take a long walk outside on your prep. It could be quick stretching session or yoga after work. It’s whatever works for you and your teacher bestie to help relieve stress.

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