Stop Making Promises Involving Your Health And Start Acting

Stop Making Promises Involving Your Health And Start Acting

Promises are great in theory, but not always as great to follow through on, especially when they’re hard like getting and starting healthy. As a teacher, promises can lead to a whole lot of trouble in class if you throw around empty promises of consequences but never follow through. Students will quickly stop believing you, and continue to act out because why would your students stop when they know you aren’t going to act?

Now let’s apply the same situation to your health. You promise yourself to focus more on self-care, health, and wellness. You don’t act and just keep telling yourself tomorrow you’ll start on these promises. In the end, you don’t even believe yourself, so why would you ever follow through on them?

You’re smart enough to know that talking about getting healthy doesn’t produce results, but the promise of doing something satisfies our desire for change long enough to make us feel better without having to act. Your health is more important than empty promises though. It is worth taking action and following through. So, let’s turn talk into action. Here’s a few tips to help you get started!

  • Hold yourself accountable. One way I do this is by signing up for a race and telling other people about it. If I tell myself I’m going to run a marathon, pay the money for the race, and tell my friends I’m running it, then I feel like I have to way more than just telling myself I’m going to run a race. Another good way is to sign up for classes that you can’t cancel or you’ll lose money. You’ll feel much more accountable if you paid already.
  • Make a schedule. Without a schedule you’ll find every excuse to skip out on working out, cooking dinner, mediation, or whatever else healthy habits you’re working on. Make your daily health an important meeting on your calendar. You can’t skip important meetings!
  • Set small goals and rewards for achieving them. Have you been wanting to go on a trip? Put a dollar in the jar every time you complete a workout, or if you work out 5 days a week for 3 months then book the trip! It’s about making fitness positive, not a punishment.
  • Track your progress. Track what you eat, how you feel, and what you do daily. Tracking helps you to see visually daily progress. We are visual beings, so this can help you stay on track by being more aware of daily habits.
  • Think about what you get to do, not what you don’t. We often look at healthy people as missing out on cake, cookies, and all the other amazingly delicious foods. We think about what we can’t have as a healthy person. Change your mindset! When you’re healthy you get to eat, move your body, and feel good! You’re lucky to be able to be healthy.

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