Teachers, 5 Tips To Stop Working All Sunday And Start The Week Off Right

Teachers, 5 Tips To Stop Working All Sunday And Start The Week Off Right

Sunday should be a day of relaxation, but if you’re busy grading, creating lessons, and prepping materials for the upcoming week, it can be extremely stressful. Teachers, it’s time to reclaim your Sunday! Instead of working and stressing, use these 5 tips to take back your Sundays and start your week less stressed!

  • Take time Sunday for self-care and you time. Starting the new week by prioritizing yourself will make you feel good and help you to continue to make yourself a priority throughout the week. The work week doesn’t feel as daunting when you set a self-care positive tone! Put down the papers and do something for yourself right now!
  • Have a routine for Monday mornings and include something you enjoy. Having a routine will help make sure your Monday starts off right and get you back into work mode faster without having to do a ton on Sunday. Instead of including a long list of to dos, figure out the most important things you need to accomplish Monday before school and make them the priority of your routine. Oh, and including something you enjoy like a latte from your favorite coffee shop will make it even better!
  • Don’t leave too much work for the weekend. When you have a long list of work to do on Sunday, it’s going to be stressful. The weekend is time off for work for a reason. You may have to do a little work Sunday, it happens, but don’t have a full 8 hour days of work to do. You’ll feel cheated of your own time and exhausted on Monday. How do you accomplish this? Read the next tip…
  • Have a checklist of tasks to complete by Friday so you don’t have to work all weekend. In order to keep from having a ton of work to do on Sunday, get your work done by Friday. This checklist should include your weekly obligations like grades, lessons, IEPs, data tracking, and planning. Spread the work out throughout the week and finish it all up before leaving for the weekend. When you make a list of what needs to be done to keep you from working on the weekends, you’ll be able to plan it into your week and find time to get it done. You’ll be thankful on Sunday!
  • Stop agreeing to non-mandatory work that stresses you out. If it’s not mandatory or completely necessary then say no. Spreading yourself too thin means your focus is all over the place, and you’re work quality is going to suffer. So if your weekend is filled doing these types of work things, stop!

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