Whole Teacher Teaching is growing fast! Right now we are a blog for teachers that promotes all around health, but I am also in the works of launching my first Whole Teacher Teaching course as well as coaching and mentoring services.

After years of teaching, I felt exhausted and worn out. I want to help other teachers avoid burnout like I experienced. Research shows that teachers who receive support in their educational practice as well as in healthy habits are more likely to stay the whole teacher in order to encourage happy, sustainable teaching practices for happy, healthy teachers in the classroom.

A little about me! My name is Stacy and I am a former special education teacher living Chicago. I have my Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning from DePaul University and experience working as case manager, ESL coordinator, and art teacher. I taught in Chicago and New York City for 5 1/2 years and now work as a content manager at an education technology company in Chicago. Education is my passion and I hope to help others continue to love working in education!